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From a simple Render or drawing by an architect, we can provide turnkey work from site survey, design, fabrication and installation.

Are you an interior designer, architect or business manager looking for reliable partners to carry out sophisticated design projects? Farronato s.r.l. is here to meet your needs. Our company is committed to translating your creative visions into tangible realities, producing high-quality furniture and luxury furnishings that accurately reflect your designs.

Our expertise spans a wide range of areas, from luxurious home interiors, such as kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms, to works designed for the public and private businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and stores. With an uncompromising dedication to quality, we select the finest materials available on the market to ensure long-lasting and aesthetically satisfying results.

We regularly collaborate with architects operating in various parts of the world, including Paris and Dubai. Our fifty years of experience allows us to understand the cultural and style nuances of different locations, enabling us to create tailored, high-class solutions.

We are always ready and excited to engage in new collaborations. Our company offers maximum reliability, flexibility and expertise at every stage of the process. Joining Farronato s.r.l. means turning your plans into reality with a touch of unparalleled luxury and style.


Our Services


Projects made according to your space without constraints or constraints. Maximum freedom in decorating your space to make it home.

Searching for the best materials

With us you can find a wide range of materials from classic solid oak and walnut, to more modern laminates and veneers with multiple choice of finishes.

Quality construction and attention to detail

We develop the work from design to final realization, every part of the workmanship is performed in our facility ensuring constant control during all stages of work.

Rough preview of the result

We also offer the opportunity to view the project in the rough at our premises fully assembled before finishing.

and assembly

Upon request, we can personally perform the assembly of the furniture, ensuring the best possible result.


Panel sizing and edgebanding for third parties

Thanks to processing machineries that are always in step with technological innovation, we offer third-party panel sizing and edgebanding service, i.e., for other carpenters and colleagues, ensuring high-precision and high-quality solutions to meet the needs of its customers.


We create unique environments that reflect your distinctive style.

Find out how we can turn your vision into reality. Request a personalized consultation now.