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Custom Art Furniture since 1972

Farronato was founded in 1972 by brothers Farronato Pietro and Bruno,production is based on art furniture, faithful to the best tradition of Bassano craftsmanship.
The woods used to make our products are solid walnut and other fine woods, processed and treated with care, as only the craftsmanship of Bassano artisans can guarantee.

Our production goes to cover all the needs of the furniture market in a comprehensive, innovative and constantly evolving way.

In 2000, Farronato responded to market demand for increasingly custom-made furniture with innovative materials by shifting its experience and productivity to project-based work, where customers can customize their furniture without constraints on measurements, materials and finishes.

This has also been made possible by the continuous evolution and research of more and more state-of-the-art, high-performance hi-tech machinery to be able to perform each processing with the utmost precision and safety.

In 2014 , Farronato continues to evolve with the generational transition to sons Farronato Filippo and Maurizio who, thanks to the teachings and passion of the Founders, face the market with more than 40 years of experience in the furniture industry. Farronato thus remains in the family where it was born and will continue to grow thanks to the will and commitment of the entire company.

In 2022 Farronato will turn 50 years in business, a milestone made possible by the desire to make a mark and to improve every day with perseverance and commitment.



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Services for Individuals

Are you a private person?

We take care of room design and follow the Client in customization. Once the product is chosen, we move on to the implementation stage directly in our Company.

Contract Services

Are you a professional?

The Farronato company works in synergy with architects and interior designers, turning designs into reality through the handcrafted creation of high-quality custom furniture.